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Select your Business Model, Choose From Pre Designed Templates, Customize your Requirements and We will take care of the rest. Your customers and teams will be able to download your App from Play Store and App Store.

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Feature Rich, Fully Secured & Hosted on the Cloud

Altis Spaces is full of features, totally secured and hosted on the cloud for enhanced customer experience. Some features are

Full of Features
All modern day features are prebuilt. You can expect your app to compete with the best in features, speed, capability and security. If you need some more features, we are listening.
Multiple Business Models
Currently we have pre built models for E-commerce, Food Tech and Field Team Management. We are working on many more in coming times. We can also work on any custom requirements you might have.
Pre Designed Templates
We have multiple UI designs available across different business models. We are retiring and making new designs available frequently to maintain uniqueness of your Apps.
Fully Supported
You dont need to have any technical knowledge. We help you through every step till your App is live. You will keep on getting support from us in maintaining the App.
Download from App Stores
Once your App is built, Our manual processes kick in to make your App live in play stores. We also take care of pushing Future Updates
Free Trial
You will get an instant trial account. You only need to subscribe at the time of going live.

Start Today

You can start building your App Immediately.

Choose Your Requirement

Check out our pre-designed Business Models, and select one which matches your requirement.

Customize With Your Information

Add your App Name, Logo and other Branding Information.

Add Your Data

Add / Upload your Data such as Products, Prices, Customers, Discounts etc. We have provided multiple Manual and Bulk upload options.

Choose a UI Design.

Select from one of our pre-designed Designs.

Placement In App Stores

This is a Manual Process, Our backend teams will add the Apps to App Stores, and Help Navigate the Approval Process. Morever the addition will happen with accounts specially created for you, and you will have ownership of these accounts.

Sales & Promotions

Promote your App by sending Mailers, Messages to your customers from within the platform.

Long Lasting Support

Any issue you face, you can chat with our support teams to get immediate resolution.

Pro Active Support

While you run your business, we take care of the required Server Infrastructure and required backups, and security requirements.

Simple, Secure, Compliant

We have build this platform from the ground up, to take care of modern complexities of running any tech enabled business. By storing your data locally, we are fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other guidelines.

Cloud Hosted

We host your data on the cloud, and as far as possible, your data is hosted in your chosen country.

Backups and Archiving

We maintain backups at regular intervals. You can also Archive the data, whenever required.

Multiple Users

Add Multiple Users from your team to access the backend, with limited permissions.

Fully Secured

All communications are encrypted, and there are options to secure the backend with 2 Factor Authentication or IP lock.